Tony will review key economic indicators as they are released to determine the health and trend of the domestic and global economy.  With so much data each trading day, he will point you in the direction of the most important economic releases, and how they may impact your portfolio.

08/19/19 Economic Week Ahead

After the third straight negative week, the S&P 500 (SPX) has started Monday looking for a rebound, up over 1% on the open. Keep an eye out Friday as…

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08/12/19 Economic Week Ahead

After a volatile week in the market we are keeping an eye out for this week’s economic data. The upcoming week will feature a number of significant economic data…

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08/05/19 Economic Week Ahead

Following a rate cut last week which acted as an insurance for a potential further decline in economic activity as well as an effort to bring inflation up to…

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07/29/19 Economic Week Ahead

Following a week that displayed better-than-expected Q2 earnings, we will see a number of significant economic events this week. Most importantly, the long awaited FOMC Rate Decision will be…

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