Tony is best known for the practical application of macro data.  He will use his 30 years of experience to evaluate what data matters and how you can apply it to your investment process.

Data and secret weapons offer insight

Clearly, the market remains in the bottoming process following Tuesday’s 3% drop on the back of skepticism of the G20 Trump/Xi meeting, Brexit uncertainty, a near inversion of the yield…

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A little breathing room for leg higher

The two main drivers of the correction that began September 21 in an environment ripe for volatility were 1) the September 19 threat by President Trump to increase tariffs on…

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Identifying rally requirements

Although there are plenty of fundamental excuses for the retest of the October low last week, we continue to believe it is all part of the bottoming process playbook we…

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Pain is motivator as retest plays out

This is how the painful retesting process works. It currently seems like nothing can go right for the market, yet this is what typically happens in the intermediate-term bottoming process…

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