There are times in the market where the best course of action is to not take any action.  Our four key tactical indicators suggest the market is set up for a minor pullback given the run to new highs, which coupled with the news backdrop of Hong Kong Protest escalation, House Impeachment Hearings, U.S.-China Trade rhetoric, and mixed economic data give plenty excuses for volatility.  While we wouldn’t chase the equity market higher right here, our core thesis and history suggest any pullback in the S&P 500 (SPX) should be limited to just 2-5% and very temporary.


Try to enjoy the day, turn off the news, and thank a Vet for the service to our GREAT country.  My dad is a retired Captain in the Naval Reserves and I am going to spend the early afternoon watching him give a 10-minute summary of his service to the Nursing Home residents where he lives.  Thank you to ALL the vets.


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