Good morning, let’s make this short and to the point.


There are times when there really is no near-term edge.  Now is one of those times with the market having sold off the last three days.  As you know, we have been looking for a tactical correction of 2-5% that sets the stage for the next intermediate-term leg higher toward our front-end loaded S&P 500 (SPX) 2020 target of 3350.  The selling over recent days has removed a bit of the excess enthusiasm shown in our 4 key tactical indicators, but unlikely to be enough to kickstart a ramp higher.


I think this video from our CNBC spot yesterday does a nice job highlighting both our near-term tactical view into year-end coupled with our reasoning toward our bullish 2020 stance.


I cannot reinforce enough that the market has pulled back because of excessive optimism rather than the excuses of a weak ISM manufacturing report Monday or the Trade rhetoric yesterday.  The market was set up for an interruption in the upside momentum, and these were simply excuses  that acted as a catalyst. Have a great day and try not to get whipsawed financially or emotionally relative to political shenanigans.


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