Put this in the category of real world interesting.  I just went to the local water-sports and snowmobile dealer near where I have a cabin in the Adirondack mountains.  I hadn’t spoken to him in a couple months and noticed when I walked into his store there was literally no inventory.  Literally.  So I asked him what was up, and he told me he has been sold out of all stock – and even future stock – through September and beyond.  I asked if it was due to no production, and he said it was due to incredible demand from people spending money on stuff for home.

He shook his head and said that in a recession he is the first place that gets hit – expensive toys that are discretionary – but in the current situation he has never done better, ever.

This speaks to the monetary and fiscal stimulus since this pandemic began.  Remember, the economy has sustainable issues when there is a need for money for businesses and households but with limited access to it.  The opposite still appears true.


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