What makes me most nervous:



  • When the S&P 500 (SPX) does absolutely nothing over the past nine days and our indicators suggest pullback
  • When the same folks saying to sell the market and be defensive in early October are now saying seasonal factors should push market higher into year end on cyclical sectors
  • When there is a CNBC article highlighting the new giddy atmosphere on Wall St., and I am the cautious one
  • When my boss says “do you have a minute”
  • When I stare at my screen and have absolutely nothing interesting to say
  • When I ask my Director of Marketing what she thought of a presentation, and she starts out with “Well….” and a long pause
  • When my Market Analyst Mike Welch calls me right after a research post has been sent out publicly
  • When I actually think I know what I am talking about



  • My wife
  • The “E” train at 6am
  • When my wife takes something out of the fridge and asks “do you think this is still good?”
  • When the fire in the backyard “firepit” can be seen from space
  • When I am flying, and I get a stomach rumble (single engine four seater – no bathroom)
  • When my two sons call me after 9pm – they are 23&24
  • When our Portuguese Water Dog “Cooper” sees a squirrel as I am about to do a radio or TV interview from our home phone.


I am a bit reflective today as I am heading to Syracuse with my brother Tom to attend a funeral of a family friend that used to take us out for ice cream when we were just little kids.  Bobby was the kindest and gentlest person on the planet and saved my parents on many occasions as someone had to watch over us in a pinch.  He passed from ALS – what a horrible disease and we are donating to the ALS of Upstate NY.  Have an awesome weekend with your family and friends.


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