Today we posted about how the 2yr/10-yr U.S. Treasury Curve is suggesting an imminent recession.  While that sounds fairly negative (and this environment is), in our opinion the market has ALREADY crashed and has likely reflected the majority of recession in the current price.  In this CNBC Trading Nation Interview on 03/03 titled “It’ll be hard to avoid a recession warns Tony Dwyer”, we highlighted the likelihood, but never imagined it would be reflected in a 30% crash, but that is what we have.


Again, we believe the depth of a recession is unclear until our country re-opens, just like we don’t know the strength of the recovery until we get all the monetary and fiscal stimulus packages.  We continue to believe the market bottoming process should be human nature based and we have outlined our plan many times.  At this point we see no reason to change this plan.


We are a strong country and society and events like this have always brought us together.  Stay safe and healthy – Tony


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