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Tony Dwyer
Institutional Insight. Personal Opportunity. Tony Dwyer

Everyone wants to make informed investment decisions and maximize opportunities in an ever-changing market. Now, with DwyerStrategy, you can do exactly that without having to be a financial expert. Tony Dwyer is the Chief Market Strategist at the financial services firm Canaccord Genuity, and by joining the DwyerStrategy team you will have access to expert commentary on the practical application of macroeconomic and tactical market indicators, offering evidence-based market insights in real time. It’s all part of his commitment to helping you with your investment process.

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DwyerStrategy provides access to a variety of diversified resources and specialized content spanning three main categories: Market Musings & Economic Commentary, Macro Analysis & Slide Decks, and monthly conference calls and a series of “Talks with Tony” (formerly Videos). Check out the latest published postings here.

Market Musings & Economic Commentary

Tony will use his 30+ years of market experience to guide you throughout the trading day by giving real-time thoughts and perspective on the market and economy.

Macro Analysis & Slide Decks

Tony is widely known for his practical approach of macro data. He will take this approach and make complicated jargon digestible, focus on the data that matters and explain how you can apply it to your investment process.

Monthly Conference Calls & “Talks with Tony”

For our Gold members, Tony will host monthly conference calls to discuss his Macro Slide Deck along with other timely market and economic observations. And in “Talks with Tony,” Tony will post educational, informative and many times lighthearted videos explaining how he applies today’s market-moving information.

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DwyerStrategy operates on a subscription-based platform providing access to these diversified resources and specialized content developed by Tony. Our two levels of subscriptions offer options based on your individual needs at competitive market prices. Subscribe to receive a daily digest email to stay up to date.

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Check out the latest published postings with commentary spanning three main content categories: Market Musings, Macro & Economic Insights and Videos.

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