This morning on CNBC, I believe the question by my friend Jim Cramer  asked Treasury Secretary Mnuchin about market and business liquidity should go down in the history books as what stabilized the market.  Jim asked the Treasury Secretary whether liquidity will be provided, and Mnuchin confirmed the Fed, Government, and Regulatory bodies WILL provide liquidity where needed.  THAT is a  very big statement, at a very important time.  It was the one thing that needed to be directly addressed in order to stop the panic.

The statement doesn’t change our game plan highlighted in our What’s after the crash post on the site, but in our opinion  it does allow for the possibility the stop the panic selling , and finally allow the bottoming process to begin.  We fully expect the market and business environment to remain very emotional and challenging over coming days/weeks, but at least we know from a cabinet official the government will do whatever they need to in order to help our markets, businesses and health of our families.


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