Tony is best known for the practical application of macro data.  He will use his 30 years of experience to evaluate what data matters and how you can apply it to your investment process.

“Patience” and market caps

Highlights Large-cap stocks were the initial leaders coming out of the latest correction Mid-cap and small-cap stocks have rotated to the point where portfolio managers should begin thinking about…

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Tactical and early EPS season update

Median post-crash reflex rally still points to a retest... The SPX has rallied 13.5% off the 12/24/18 low in just 17 trading days. While the reflex rally seems unbelievable, based…

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Our earnings season outlook

Highlights Our analysis of corporate tax payments indicates that companies are likely going to beat expectations this earnings season by a smaller margin than has been the case for…

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January Macro Slide Deck

Last year began with a global synchronized recovery, historically low volatility, extreme bullishness, a ramping economy, and the potential for greater than 20% S&P 500 (SPX) operating EPS growth. We…

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